Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Regular Membership

  1. Candidates must be a Probationary member in good standing or a prior Regular or Non-Hunting member in good standing.
  2. The maximum number of Regular and Probationary - Regular members combined is eighty-five (85). Any application received after this limit is reached will be placed on a waiting list and the monies returned to the applicant until such time as an opening occurs. Openings will be satisfied from the waiting list in the same order the applications were originally received. Any applicant in good standing from the Youth Auxiliary will be accepted as a Regular member regardless of this limit (refer to Article VIII, Section 2, Item 8 for details).
  3. Regular members must spend at least one year as a probationary member.
  4. The annual dues for this type of member are two hundred and thirty-five dollars ($235.00).
  5. The annual land assessment is ninety dollars ($90.00). The period of this assessment covers 15 total payments figured from the date of being voted into membership of this club.
  6. Mandatory annual work time for this membership is twenty-five (25) hours. This time must be obtained as follows:
    1. Five (5) hours of posting time. Total club posting requirements will be recommended by the Posting Chairman and approved by the Executive Board. If insufficient posting needs exist to meet this requirement, then all remaining hours must be satisfied by working on any club authorized activity.
    2. Twenty (20) hours for club authorized activities. This includes activities of any club Auxiliary.
    3. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) fine per each hour not worked.
  7. Regular members must sell or purchase a minimum of fifty dollars ($50.00) worth of tickets for club sponsored events each accounting year. In the event a member does not sell the required fifty dollar ($50.00) minimum, they will be assessed the difference between the dollar amount sold and the ($50.00) requirement and any applicable fines.
  8. Regular members must attend meetings as specified in the Operational Procedures document.

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)