Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Propationary Membership
Regular and Non-Hunting

  1. An active dues paying member for a period of up to two (2) years. See the Operational Procedures document for details.
  2. In addition to the annual dues of two hundred and thirty-five dollars ($235.00), this membership must pay all Club assessments (e.g. fish and game, land and special) as appropriate for the basic membership type.
  3. Probationary members have all rights and privileges of the organization except:
    1. They cannot hold any elected office position.
    2. They cannot sponsor any new member applicants.
    3. They cannot vote on any official club business.
  4. Probationary members must satisfy all work time requirements or be suspended. Refer to the Operational Procedures document for explanations of the related timeframe requirements.
  5. Mandatory annual work time for this membership is thirty (30) hours. All hours (prorated or otherwise) must be worked without exception. This time must be obtained as follows:
    1. Ten (10) hours of posting. Total club posting requirements will be recommended by the Posting Chairman and approved by the Executive Board. If insufficient posting needs exist to satisfy this requirement, then all remaining hours must be satisfied by working on any club authorized activity.
    2. Twenty (20) hours for club authorized activities. This includes any Youth Auxiliary activities.
  6. Probationary members must sell or purchase a minimum of fifty dollars ($50.00) worth of tickets for club sponsored events each accounting year. In the event a member does not sell the required fifty dollar ($50.00) minimum, they will be assessed the difference between the dollar amount sold and the ($50.00) requirement and any applicable fines.
  7. Probationary members must attend meetings as defined in the Operational Procedures document.
  8. Each Probationary member is required to be a co-chairman for at least one event or committee within the probationary period. If they do not volunteer for a co-chairman position, the Executive Board will assign a co-chair position for them. Refer to the Operational Procedures document for details.
  9. For Probationary Regular members there is an annual land assessment of ninety dollars ($90.00). A total of 15 payments figured from the date of being voted into membership of this club. The first payment is due with the submission on an application. This does not apply to Probationary - Non-Hunting members.
  10. All Probationary Non-Hunting members can not hunt on any club owned or posted lands not even as a guest of a member. They can fish only on club owned lands (not other club posted lands) and they only have rightful access to club owned lands (not other club posted lands).

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)