Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Regular - Non Hunting Membership

  1. Candidates can be a current dues paying member in good standing OR an applicant who elects to join the organization's membership as a Non-Hunting member with a probationary period of at least one year.
  2. The maximum number of Non-Hunting and Probationary - Non-Hunting members is twenty (20). These memberships are renewable annually in accordance to the club’s accounting year. Any application received after this limit is reached will be placed on a waiting list and the monies returned to the applicant until such time as an opening occurs. Openings will be satisfied from the waiting list in the same order the applications were originally received.
  3. The annual dues for this type of member are two hundred and thirty-five dollars ($235.00).
  4. A new member applicant for Non-Hunting membership must have at least a one year probationary period and must serve as a co-chairman for at least one event or committee during that year. If they do not volunteer for a co-chair position, the Executive Board will assign a co-chair position for them. During this probationary period they can not hold any elected office position, they can not sponsor any new member applicants and they can not vote on any official club business.
  5. Non-Hunting members and Probationary Non-Hunting members have all rights and privileges of the organization except:
    1. They can not hunt on any club owned or posted lands;
    2. They can not qualify for Life membership - Regular;
    3. They can fish only on club owned lands (not other club posted lands);
    4. They have access only to club owned lands (not other club posted lands).
  6. This membership type must pay all Club assessments except the basic Land Assessment.
  7. Any Regular member in good standing wishing to become a Non-Hunting member must notify the Financial Secretary in writing before September 1st of their decision to transfer to this membership type. After a Regular member has paid their annual dues (by October 1st) each year, they must remain as a Regular member until the following year (October 1st).
  8. Non-Hunting members must attend meetings as specified in the Operational Procedures document.
  9. Mandatory annual work time for this membership is twenty (20) hours. This time must be obtained as follows:
    1. Twenty (20) hours for club authorized activities. This includes activities of any club Auxiliary.
    2. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) fine per each hour not worked.
  10. Regular members in good standing have first preference in filling the rolls for this membership type.
  11. Non-Hunting members must sell or purchase a minimum of fifty dollars ($50.00) worth of tickets for club sponsored events each accounting year. In the event a member does not sell the required fifty dollar ($50.00) minimum, they will be assessed the difference between the dollar amount sold and the ($50.00) requirement and any applicable fines.
  12. A Non-Hunting member who was a prior Regular member in good standing can return to Regular member status by submitting a new application. No initiation fee is required. All records from the prior Regular membership period will be reinstated. Normal waiting list procedures will be followed if the Regular / Probationary rolls are at the maximum limit.

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)