Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Landowner Membership

  1. Any person owning twelve (12) acres or more of land that the club finds acceptable for posting can qualify as an applicant. After the club posts these lands, the applicant shall be accepted as a Landowner Member with all hunting and fishing privileges of a Regular Member. An exception on the required acreage can occur if the applicant’s land adjoins an existing Landowner Member. This exception must be approved, documented, and communicated to the club membership by the Executive Board.
  2. Landowner Members shall receive a current Constitution and Bylaws book, A membership card, and two (2) guest cards by October 1st of each year. Additional guest cards will be provided if requested. The Landowner Committee will post, on the club’s bulletin board, a list of every Landowner, the number of guest cards provided, and the date they were provided, and any special requirements.
  3. Each Landowner member and one guest are invited to every club-authorized event or activity as guests of the club.
  4. This membership type has no mandatory work hour requirement.
  5. This membership type does not pay any dues or assessments, nor have any ticket sales requirement.
  6. They cannot hold any elected office.
  7. They cannot vote on any official Club business nor participate in the election of officers.
  8. This membership type has no meeting attendance requirement.

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)