Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Honorary Membership

  1. Any person whose contribution to our club or to conservation in general has been so outstanding as to merit recognition may upon a unanimous vote of the members attending any meeting be granted an Honorary Membership for a one (1) year period.
  2. Honorary members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of this Club except:
    1. They cannot vote on any official Club business.
    2. They cannot hold any elected office position.
  3. This membership does not pay any dues, assessments, nor have any ticket sales requirement. Payment of annual Land Assessments is postponed during an Honorary Membership period.
  4. This membership is renewable yearly by a unanimous membership vote.
  5. This membership type has no mandatory work hour requirement.
  6. This membership type has no meeting attendance requirement.

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)