Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

2017 Club Daily Rentals

The organization’s clubhouse is available to be rented by non-members. The facility includes a 29 ft. X 60 ft. hall with tables and chairs, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen. Items available in the kitchen include a six-burner stovetop with dual ovens, refrigerator, slicer, microwave and abundant counter space.

If you are interested, leave your name and phone number with the date and time of your call on our answering machine (845-635-3387) and a club representative will call you back to answer questions and work out the details of your rental.

Our rates are:


  1. A security deposit (the greater of $50 or 1/2 rental fee) is required at the time of rental approval.
  2. Rentals include only the hall, tables, chairs, kitchen & permanent equipment (e.g. microwave, stove, refrigator, coffee pot and meat slicing machine)
  3. Rental Contract must be completed & filed by our Rental Chairman per the club's contract guidelines for all rentals to non-members.
  4. Rental of additional club facilities can be made when documented under the “Special Terms & Conditions” section of the contract. All additional fees that apply will also be stated in that contract section as well.

Updated: 1/21/2017 (PGS)