Pleasant Valley
Trout and Game Club

Associate Membership

  1. Candidates can be a current dues paying member in good standing or an applicant who elects to join the organization's membership as an Associate member.
  2. There is a limit of ten (10) Associate members. These memberships are renewable annually.
  3. The annual dues for this type of membership are six hundred and fifty dollars ($650.00).
  4. A new member applicant for Associate membership must have at least a one-year probationary period.
  5. The annual land assessment is ninety dollars ($90.00). The period of this assessment covers 15 total payments figured from the date of being voted into membership of this club.
  6. Any Regular member in good standing wishing to become an Associate member must notify the Financial Secretary before September 1 of his decision to transfer his membership type.
  7. This membership type must pay all Club assessments.
  8. Associate members have all rights and privileges of the organization except:
    1. They cannot hold an office of any type (elected or appointed).
    2. They cannot vote on any official club business.
  9. This membership type has no mandatory work hour requirement.
  10. This membership type does not require any meeting attendance.
  11. Regular members in good standing have preference in filling the rolls for this type of membership.
  12. Associate members must sell or purchase a minimum of fifty dollars ($50.00) worth of tickets for club sponsored events each accounting year. In the event a member does not sell the required fifty dollar ($50.00) minimum, they will be assessed the difference between the dollar amount sold and the ($50.00) requirement and any applicable fines.

Updated: 02/07/2014 (PGS)