Pleasant Valley
Trout & Game Club

Purpose & History


Our goal is the conservation and propagation of fish and game, to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and to work for the respect and acknowledgement of the just rights of landowners..


A small group of citizens in the Pleasant Valley, NY area joined together to share the fellowship and responsibilities of being outdoor enthusiasts. Our Club's founding date was 1946 and we were incorporated in 1953 as a not-for-profit organization with a focus on conservation and the propagation of fish and game. Our goals include promoting good sportsmanship, good citizenship, and working for the respect and acknowledgment of the rights of area landowners. A small clubhouse was built on nine acres along Great Spring Creek bordering Salt Point Turnpike, just north of the Village of Pleasant Valley. Since that time, the organization, the clubhouse (now 35' x 85'), and the club property (over 90 acres) have grown in both size and community involvement. Many activities directly support and benefit the people living in the Dutchess County region. Some of our key activites are listed below. To learn more about them, simply "click" on a particular item or select it from our home page.


Membership is open to applicants over the age of 18 who are citizens of the United State of America who are willing to support the goals, objectives, and rules of our organization. There are six membership categories available for those wanting to participate in our organization. Descriptions of each category, their associated responsibilities, and their privileges can be reviewed on the Membership types and application process page.

In order to apply for membership in the Pleasant Valley Trout & Game Club, a prospective member should complete the Club's application form. Print the membership application form. The completed application should be presented at the next regular Club meeting. Our regular meetings are held on the third Friday of each month. The new applicant will then go on probation for one year, provided that two regular members of the Club have endorsed the applicant on the application form. Otherwise, the probationary period is extended to two years.


Our shooting ranges are located adjacent to our clubhouse. Several of our ranges are set up for dual purposes. Our ranges include:


The organization's goals and plans are to continue to enhance the Club's facilities and extend our support of the region's need for families to have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor sporting activities. In 1999, the kitchen facilities were enlarged and remodeled and the clubhouse was repainted. In 2000, the fishing pond was enhanced and a large woodshed was constructed. In 2002, we added a remotely operated trap machine which provides the capability for single-shooter usage. Some additional items currently being planned include: enlarging the clubhouse and improving its bathroom facilities; expanding and improving the shooting ranges; acquiring additional acreage for hunting and fishing; and building a large pavilion. These facilities will then permit additional and larger events to be held on our grounds which will benefit the families in our community.

Updated: 04/23/2023 (PGS)